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Custom Build Mortgages

Just as self and custom build projects are different, so are the mortgage requirements. With custom build, you are purchasing a house and paying for it in stages, as it is built for you. BuildStore has created a range of exclusive mortgages to suit the specific needs of custom builders.

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Project Types

Custom Build

Your custom build home will be facilitated by a developer. You will be buying a fully serviced plot with all of the services and infrastructure in place and be supported by professionals.

There are different routes to custom building your home with varying levels of involvement. For example, you can design and build your home yourself, employ a builder or architect, or work with the developer on-site to build your home for you, to a fixed budget and timescale.

Whatever route you choose, you'll own the property as it is being built, and so will pay for it in stages and will require specialist funding.

BuildStore Mortgage Services offers by far the largest selection of mortgages suitable for custom build projects - with exclusive products from around 16 building societies - who true to their roots are keen to help you create your dream home.

For unbeatable knowledge and products tailored for custom build homes, speak to a BuildStore Mortgage Services adviser